rocky start¿? you could say that

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i’ve felt inspired to keep up with my blog; different things racing through my mind daily and yet, i’ve failed to make time for it. do you ever wonder how many insightful ideas/thoughts you’ve merely witnessed and done nothing with. i blame it on technology *dagum tech stuff making us all dependent and lazy. what ever happened to doing everything yourself; investing in YOURSELF* rant over.

but hey, good news everyone, the raw honey was delicious and i ate it so fast i only had the chance to use it for acne purposes for about two weeks.. another piece of good news- (besides being a pooh bear at heart) by switching over to the vegan lyfe style i’ve noticed my skin is so much clearer, and i am constantly eating plates (and bowls, lets not forget the bowls) full of color. ^.^ good stuff, am i right?

now that i’ve explained my leave of absence, let’s talk ‘game plan’ here. i’m finding myself to be more of a sporadic bundle of thoughts, who fights consistency and order so i’m changin’ dis blog space up. time to move to a more abstract, yet identifiable type of blog spot.

w a i t f o r i t . . .

[thought inception] kelly dictionary def: a type of writing that focuses on a specific yet random thought; also involving ‘crawling’ into the recesses of your mind to gain insight on a thought you’d otherwise briefly visit or simply acknowledge

time to catch some zZZzzzZZz’s, my allergies have my head feeling like a 15lb bowling ball.

Until next time xX

Ramblin’ on

I’m feeling discouraged lately.

I’m feeling as if I’m surrounded by people with clouded judgement.

I’m feeling like people have the wrong intentions.

I’m feeling like I’ll never meet someone to have a real conversation with.

I’m feeling like everyone around me is trying to put themselves in the spotlight of perfection with just the right amount of imperfection showing to feel a certain way about themselves.

I’m feeling judged, defeated, and stuck in a world full of people with the wrong intentions.

Now stop, in this moment, and think about this with me.. Why do we waste our time trying to prove ourselves when having a real conversation with someone, a true connection is proof enough that we are in fact all that we need to be?

Further more, let’s subtract all the bullshit we’ve created in our lives, both the “good” and “bad”, and just enjoy a real conversation with someone.




Here are the beginning stages of my fight against acne. I maybe should have taken a photo without makeup on, but this will have to do. Just imagine all those little spots on my face being bright red, and you pretty much get the picture. Last night I spot treated my pimples with raw honey then proceeded to put my moisturizer on. I have to say this is the first day in quite awhile that I’ve woken up without a new pimple forming on my face! Exciting? You bet. Xx

Raw honey, apparently, is the Bees Knees.


So, hear me out. This is a bit of a game changer on the original purpose of my blog. I’ve never done this type of thing before, but I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to! I’m the type of girl who gets frenzied after finding a blog with helpful information, and I am hoping this turns out falling in that category.


Let’s start with the problem. I HAVE ACNE, 20 YEARS OLD AND EXPERIENCING IT FOR THE FIRST DAMN TIME. I mean in high school, don’t get me wrong, I had a few bumps on my forehead here and there, but nothing like this acne-pocolypse happening on my face. For the past year it has progressively been getting worse and well now, it’s just part of who I am…. WELP. I can’t remember the last time I felt like my face was clear or even clearing up for that matter.

The amount of money I’ve spent is stupid. Facials, regimens, creams, cleansers, masks and the list truly goes on.

Well, potential good news, THIS GIRL IS DONE SPENDING MONEY.  I have purchased my LAST product.

Wait for it…. RAW HONEY

This starts day one of my acne free journey (fingers crossed) and to keep up with the progress of dis face, I plan on doing a series of blog posts showing my transformation. AND LETS HOPE IT IS A TRUE TRANSFORMATION.

Until next time xX